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Study in the UK

Why study in the UK?

Studying in the United Kingdom (UK) is truly an international experience. It is one of the most popular destinations for study abroad over the planet. For its excellent higher education system and worldwide acceptability, hundreds of thousands of international students opt the UK as their preferred overseas study destination. Some of the reasons behind these are

a) UK universities are the home of some of the world-renowned universities including Oxford UniversitiesCambridge UniversitiesImperial College London. 
b) UK universities are among the bests in the world. According to QS World ranking, four of the top nine universities are from the UK. 
c) Qualifications obtained from UK universities are internationally recognized and highly valued around the Globe.
d) UK Universities are highly ranked for Industry-University collaboration
e) The UK is the world leader in research with 114 Nobel Prize Winner. Still today the UK has produced 860 Nobel Laureates and 38 % Nobel Laureates have studied in the UK. According to the world economic forum Global Competitiveness Report, the UK ranks is second in the world for the quality of scientific research. 
f) The international Student satisfaction rate in the UK is very high. 
g) UK Universities are one of the preferred destinations for abroad study by Indian students for decades.
h) UK Universities will provide world-class teaching from the world’s leading academician and experts
i) Several Scholarship, bursaries, grants are available for Indian students
j) Education system is flexible enough to suits international student’s career aspiration with vocational and academic blending
k) UK course and living costs are good value for money
l) UK courses are generally shorter than other countries

Degrees preferred by International students for their study abroad-
Bachelor’s or undergraduate degree: Normally it takes 3 years to complete for full-time study. Some of the common titles of degree are Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Bachelor of Education (BEd)  

Postgraduate Degree- Master Degree is generally two types i.e. Taught and Research. Taught programs generally take 1 year to complete, but research degrees take more time. The common titles of taught programs are MA (Master of Arts) or MSc (Master of Science) MBA (Master of Business Administration, MEng (Master of Engineering), MFA (Master of Fine Arts), LLM (Master of Laws), MArch (Master of Architecture), etc. The titles of common research programs are Master of Research (MRes), Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.), etc.


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